Nume Crypto

Nume Crypto provides a settlement infrastructure for crypto asset transfers that enables businesses to hyper scale at the lowest cost on Ethereum. Nume is built for both web2 and web3 businesses in the e-commerce, retail and social payments space. On top of radically...

Phi Commerce Pvt Ltd

Phi Commerce, is a leading digital payments fintech startup, addressing payments collection, processing & distribution requirements of Networks, Banks, Processors & Businesses across online, in-store & on-the-go channels through its award-winning,...


ExpertRec is a fully hosted search solution for any website and e-commerce store. It offers an easy to integrate and operate search with typo and voice capabilities.


M1xchange TReDS is a digital marketplace to sell the receivables to banks/NBFC set up under the approval of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to facilitate the discounting of invoices on a PAN India basis.


Procol is India’s fastest-growing procurement technology company, with solutions deployed at many $1B+ global companies helping them reduce costs, digitize procurements, improve compliance.