“Our introduction to India’s Grass-Root Innovation”

A fortnight after we first met NoBroker, their office was vandalised by a mob of real estate brokers. For us, that was a clear indication that their “idea” was significant and had the potential to disrupt and transform the real estate market. We immediately called and after enquiring about their safety confirmed our partnership.

“A lesson on resilience”

I got introduced to Ralali back in 2015 when the Indonesian SME market was fragmented, unorganised and was yet to explore digitisation

“Our fastest investment ever!”

The Fleetx team says we were the quickest VC they had ever engaged with. Moving from the pitch discussion to agreeing to investment in a matter of hours.

“They had us at the hypothesis”

My introduction to Trusting Social happened back in 2015 through one of our existing FinTech co- investors from London


  • 42 Cards

    42 Cards will give access to various forms of credit: revolving credit, BNPL, smart credit, etc. in association with Banks and NBFCs through a sophisticated digital platform

    Area of focus Fintech

    Funding 2021

  • 90 Seconds

    90 Seconds is the premiere global video creation platform, enabling brands to create quality videos anywhere in the world.

    Area of focus Media

    Funding 2016

  • AdaKerja

    AdaKerja is an easy to use jobs marketplace built specially for non-executive hiring in Indonesia.

    Area of focus HR Tech

    Funding 2019

  • Agenkan

    AgenKAN is integrated financial platform that provides access to Financial Services products for the unbankable in Indonesia by leveraging O2O ecosystem.

    Area of focus Fintech

    Funding 2019

  • Ajkerdeal

    AjkerDeal is an online marketplace in Bangladesh, providing free delivery.

    Area of focus Marketplace

    Funding 2019

  • Akseleran

    Akseleran is a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending platform with the vision of making financial inclusion a reality in Indonesia. They help SMEs grow their businesses and also open up new investment opportunity for investors.

    Area of focus Fintech

    Funding 2019