Potato Play

Potato Play is a data-driven, Singapore-based game developer & publisher turning mobile games from Asia into worldwide hits.


Makmur is a forward-thinking, OJK-regulated investment firm providing intuitive mutual fund investments and robo-advisory services via a user-friendly app. Harnessing advanced technologies like Hidden Markov Models and Large Language Models, we are committed to...


Sribuu is an AI powered personalized banking solution. Leveraging data science, Sribuu cleans, categorizes and visualizes messy transaction data to give actionable financial insights to the customers and empower their business at scale.


Greenhope brings innovative and useful eco-friendly products and services to the communities through collaboration with various parties such as governments, asssociations and non-profit organizations, together addressing the problem of plastic waste holistically and...


Semaai is building a full-stack tech solution for Indonesia’s agriculture sector to enhance the livelihood of millions of farmers, agri-retailers and rural MSMEs. Its solution encompasses three key services: a B2B digital marketplace for agricultural inputs, access to...