“Technology is in their DNA”

“It took me just one meeting with Ankiti to realize that Zilingo was an opportunity not to be missed. I was completely blown away by her zeal and vision. When she was featured in Forbes 40 under 40, it wasn’t just a proud moment for her but all of us at BEENEXT.”
27 August, 2020

We have our dear friends at Sequoia to thank for the introduction to Ankiti Bose, Co-Founder & CEO, Zilingo in 2015. They were confident that with her fashion e-commerce plan, she was going to go places; and my first impression echoed their thoughts.

We signed up with Zilingo much faster than we usually do and it didn’t take us too long to reaffirm our decision. The Zilingo team have been true trailblazers right from the get-go. The first month’s transaction volume alone was $100,000; a phenomenal feat considering e-commerce usually takes time to take off. They haven’t looked back since then and have continued to grow. Their strong technology focus has made it possible for them to connect hundreds of Thai sellers to sell to thousands of Thai customers at such a large scale.

Within two years, they have also ventured into the B2B space by successfully leveraging their B2C stronghold; and have made a significant mark in both segments. What we truly admire about Zilingo is their ability to remain agile and grow the business multifold while maintaining the size as well as the scale of their tech product. Today, they are a well-known name in the technology market.

Our relationships with each of our founders are unique and the role we play in their brand journey differs. For a partnership to be successful, one needs to know when to lead and when to follow. When it comes to Zilingo, we are happy to be a follower and supporter of the founding team. This venture into a global fashion supply chain business has been an insightful experience and for that, we are grateful to Zilingo for having us to be part of this amazing journey.